Gerry Spence Method

Inspiring Testimonials about Gerry Spence Method

Discover the testimonials of students and professionals who have transformed their communication skills and careers through the groundbreaking Gerry Spence Method. See how you can benefit too!

Mohammad Hamideh

"My expectations were definitely surpassed. It was a vacation for me at first but then it became actually a life lesson. I would say [it] was one of the greatest decisions I've ever made."

Christian Morris

"When you go to law school they teach you how to be a lawyer but they don't teach you how to care. An attorney who care about their client is the most powerful attorney you will ever meet. It's amazing to know that the basic skill lives within us, we just have to get to it. Here's the best part of GSM. you will leave different. Not a different person, but a different lawyer."

Daniel Ghyczy

"You've been limiting yourself by not going. That's really how I think about it now - this is the best three weeks I could have done."

Arnold Reed

"This is a place where you come to be a human. What's amazing aboout Gerry is that he's one of the most famous trial lawyers in America but he doesn't want people to copy his arguments or to copy how he talks or dresses. He wants people to come here so that he can share a very amazing gift, the gift of self - and when you learn who you are, you realize you have a fire within yourself."

Thomas Burns

"The magic and the transformation that takes place here that I find remarkable is that by becoming better human beings we become better lawyers; by digging deep into ourselves we're better able to sense what may be holding our clients back and we can get at the real story. it's been quite an experience and I'm going to really miss this place. It's a great group of people."

Adrian Baca

"A friend of mine who is on staff now - a very kind thoughtful loving mother, went to trial and got a $5 million verdict. I think the reason she got that $5 million verdict is because she learned to care about others. When she went up to the ranch and taught, she had to care for the students and [when] you care for the students it's like caring for the jury - it's being selfless. The jurors said I like her, she connects with me. She wants this, let me help her."

Twila White

"I would highly recommend them. It will help any lawyer wherever they are in their own personal growth and journey take them up to the next notch in the next level."

Alaa Yasin

"What it did for me at the conclusion was make me better all-around. [I] went in with an open mind and came out with one of the best experiences ever."

Daniel Ghyczy

"It was weird having 21 days to confront your thoughts and have your thoughts confront you but after a couple of days I really embraced it and [saw how] amazing [it was] to have that level of focus on what was at hand."

Minh Nguyen

"I became a better human being in understanding who I am [and how] that can be used to help so many people and try to fix the wrong and ill of the world."

Ibiere Seck

"It is the place where people come to learn how to tell the stories of other people through self-discovery."

Thomas Feher

"It was remarkable. I was amazed at the level of commitment by the students, their skillset, [and] their willingness to be vulnerable. Each of the students I had the honor to be working with committed, took those risks and I watched them grow right in front of my eyes."