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Clay Zelbst

Clay Zelbst

Personal Injury & Civil Defense Trial Lawyer

"Empathy is what we try to do and teach — finding that connection, the piece of a story, that resonates within."

Clay Zelbst grew up on a ranch in Meers, Oklahoma. After suffering loss of his grandfather and overcoming injuries cause by an accident while attending undergrad, Clay discovered approaching hardships with empathy was the best way to overcome even the hardest challenge. He now uses that empathy in his practice to empathize with clients’ daily rage against pain, depression, loss, and the unending quest to feel a sense of normalcy again.

Despite being a young lawyer, he’s had some notable trial experience, trying both criminal and civil cases in both federal and state court. Clay has had million dollar plus civil settlements.

Clay takes cases on severely reduced fees, or for free for low-income people in an effort to give back to the community. He’s also a member of the Lawton Public School Foundation, Great Plains Technology Center Foundation, Comanche County Memorial Hospital Foundation, Comanche County Bar Association, and is President of the Museum of the Great Plains Oklahoma Association for Justice Young Lawyers Council.