Gerry Spence Method
Alonso Zavalasoto

Alonso Zavalasoto

Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer

"Real growth begins when we step outside our comfort zone and are willing to take risks, to embrace our journey—darkness, light, and every part of it. Our story is what makes us a real human being capable of forming a real connection with twelve strangers to guide them to the result we want for our clients by using powerful storytelling techniques."

Alonso immigrated to this country after high school from Guadalajara, Mexico when his father found a job as a day laborer working in the fields of California.

After a few years of working hard towards his American dream, Alonso enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after the attacks of September 11, 2001. During his deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

After the Marine Corps, Alonso earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of California Santa Barbara and earned his law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of law in San Diego.

Prior to passing the bar, Alonso worked as a criminal defense investigator at the San Diego Public Defender’s office. As an investigator, he learned the importance of effective criminal defense investigation. His diligent attention to detail proved instrumental throughout many trials including several murder cases some with the death penalty mitigation phase.

Alonso knew he had to come back as a licensed attorney and graduated from the trial program hosted at Thunderhead Ranch.

Alonso is currently working as a felony attorney at the San Diego County Office of the Public Defender. In six years, he has tried 45 jury trials. While other lawyers tell him things like “just plead your client,” Alonso is able to win the unwinnable cases (including serious felony strike cases) by applying the Spence method in every trial. Alonso firmly believes that any trial lawyer willing to use these methods can connect with jurors and change the energy in the room at voir dire, opening, cross examination or closing – to see a client in a different light and to guide juror towards a positive outcome for his clients.