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Gerry Spence HeadshotGerry Spence

Founder and Chairman of Board

Lawyers should be chosen because they can demonstrate a history rich in human traits, the ability to care, the courage to fight, the will to win, a concern for the human condition, a passion for justice and simple uncompromising honesty. These are the traits of the lawyer.”


John Zelbst HeadshotJohn Zelbst

President/ Senior Instructor

The Gerry Spence Method changed my Practice and Life forever by teaching me to embrace the truth in all things.”


Joseph H. Low IV HeadshotJoseph H. Low IV

Vice President / Director of Staff and Curriculum/ Chief Instructor

Gerry Spence invited me to his college in 1998 despite the fact that I was a first year lawyer.  He has been my mentor throughout my entire legal career and I owe all of my success to his incredible philosophy, teachings and commitment to teaching me and other hungry lawyers on the art and science of trial.”


Haytham Faraj HeadshotHaytham Faraj


Gerry Spence’ three-weeks program forced me to dig deep and to go to places in my past that I had avoided because there was pain or hurt or shame or some other issue that hindered my personal growth. By finding the courage to return to the source of those issues, I and every other person who attended the program unburdened ourselves from those limitations that hinder our abilities to uncover the most credible and persuasive story of our cases which ultimately compels a jury to vote for you because of the lawyer’s credibility.”